Join Scandinavias biggest nightlife tour and party with people from all around the world.

Includes 1 beer, 4 shots, games, pictures and get to socialise with other likeminded party people.

Limited capacity because of COVID so book ASAP.




Frequently asked questions

Arriving late?

You can find us at Stereo Bar, Gothersgade 8A until 8.45 PM.

Do I have to book in advance?

No, you can show up at the starting point and pay in cash or card.

Are you a big group?

Send us a message if you are bringing a big group so we can organize accordingly.

Do you offer private pub crawls?

Yes, contact us with your desired date and number of people, and we will make you an offer.

What's included?

3 shots, 1 beer, party games and pictures of the night.

Can I pay with Card? Foreign currency?

Any Credit Card is accepted. You can pay in foreign currency, but we will take a higher price than in DKK as it costs us extra to convert cash.

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